Theo Global facilitates biblically faithful “theology together” on a global level. We initiate new forums and publications for and from diverse countries, denominations, generations, cultures, and institutions. 

By and For the Global Church

Our work aims to embody the creed that we believe in “one holy catholic and apostolic church.” We are doing “theology together” with and developing theologically trustworthy resources to serve the global church.


We are working with the world’s top evangelical publisher to produce five volumes of theology over the next 10 years, culminating in an unprecedented, comprehensive, collaborative, and globally focused systematic theology book for use in churches, Bible colleges, and seminaries throughout the world.


In our annual seminars we gather over 100 brothers and sisters who teach theology in more than 70 seminaries and Bible colleges around the world. Along with our scholarly conferences, our website provides trustworthy resources that further biblical teaching. Our current annual events include India, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia and we plan to have our first Latin American conference in 2024.

I’m so thankful for the Christ-centered presentations and bringing together scholars. This event refreshes us. Thank you for your intentionality to invite more women! I deeply appreciate it. Also, your intentionality to engage topics from different angles was so helpful.

Theo Global Scholar from Ethiopia

Theo Global is part of the overall work of Sola Media.

Sola Media equips believers and churches to get the gospel right and get the gospel out through trustworthy and accessible resources for today’s global church rooted in the historic Christian faith.

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